The Bat! 1.60

Tested Encodings

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Unicode The Bat! can decode some UTF-8 but not much.
Windows Single-Byte Codepages

East European languages are fully supported.  CP_1252 and CP_874 are not auto-detected:  you need to manually change their encoding to Latin-1 and Thai, respectively.

Arabic, Hebrew, and Vietnamese are not supported.

Windows Double-Byte Codepages

Chinese and Japanese are fully supported.  Korean is not supported.

Users of Windows 95/98/ME need a third-party CJK enabler such as NJStar Communicator to type Chinese or Japanese.

ISO-8859 Well supported

ISO-8859-1  (Western)
ISO-8859-2  (Central European)
ISO-8859-7  (Greek)
ISO-8859-9  (Turkish)
ISO-8859-11 (Thai)
ISO-8859-15 (Western Extended)

Wrongly supported ISO-8859-5  (Cyrillic)
Not supported

ISO-8859-3  (Maltese & Esperanto)
ISO-8859-4  (Baltic)
ISO-8859-6  (Arabic)
ISO-8859-8  (Hebrew)
ISO-8859-10 (Nordic)
ISO-8859-13 (Windows-like Baltic)
ISO-8859-14 (Celtic)
ISO-8859-16 (Romanian)

ISO-2022 and HZ Not supported.
Extended Unix Code (EUC)

Simplified Chinese EUC-CN is supported as a subset of  GBK.  Japanese EUC-JP and Korean EUC-KR are not supported.


The Cyrillic letters of  KOI8-R and KOI8-U are properly displayed but the box-drawing characters are replaced with CP_1251 characters.

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