Yiddish Pasekh

Keyman keyboard for Windows



Starting Up

  1. Launch keyman.gif Keyman and start your word processor or other Yiddish-capable application.
  2. Click on the keyboard layout indicator on the Windows taskbar and switch to "Hebrew - Yiddish Pasekh" in Windows 2000/XP - or simply to Hebrew in Windows 95/98/ME:


  3. The keyboard layout indicator will switch to HE and Keyman's icon will change into pasekh tsvey yudn:
  4. heay.gif

  5. Now you can start typing Yiddish.
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How do you type Yiddish?

Type Yiddish by transliteration:  type shin with sh or pasekh tsvey yudn with ay.

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Right-to-Left in Windows

Windows 2000 and XP support right-to-left languages at the system level.

Users of Windows 95, 98 or ME can type right-to-left in bidirectional applications such as

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I believe these packages are safe but it is entirely your risk to download and use them.  You can freely use and distribute them but you are not allowed to restrict the rights of others to freely use and distribute them.

  1. Download Keyman 5.0 or later from Tavultesoft
  2. Download

Use a decompression utility to extract the packages from the zip files.

You may need to update your system with RichEdit 3.0 if you want to type right-to-left in WordPad for Windows 98.  Do not install RichEdit 3.0 for Windows ME, 2000, or XP.  Do not install it for Windows 98 either if you have Office XP or later.

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