Maltese Unicode for Windows

Version 0.93



Keyboard Layout for UK Keyboards


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Keyboard Layout for US Keyboards


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AltGr Keystrokes

AltGr means "Alt Graphics" and it is the international equivalent of the right-side Alt key.  Hold it down to type accented vowels (àèìòù), remapped punctuation (`~#[]{}\|) and other characters.  If your keyboard does not have an AltGr key or a right-side Alt key, you can use Ctrl+Alt instead.

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Codepage for Windows 95/98/ME

The installer of the Windows 95/98/ME package will replace Microsoft's Turkish codepage with Robert Lloyd Wheelock's ISRI Southern European codepage so that you can type Maltese, Azeri, Catalan and Galician in addition to Turkish in most Windows applications.  The original registry settings will be restored at uninstallation.

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I believe these packages to be safe but it is entirely your risk to download and use them.  You can freely use and distribute them but you are not allowed to restrict the rights of others to freely use and distribute them.

Use a decompression utility to extract the installation packages from the zip files.

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I used the following applications to make the keyboard layouts, the help files, and the installer:

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