Esperanto Unicode Keyboard



How does it work?

Launch Keyman and left-click its  keyman.gif  icon on the Windows taskbar to select Esperanto:


Type an x after cghjsu to accent them:

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System Requirements

This keyboard is used with Keyman 5 or later.

Although you cannot use this keyboard with Netscape Composer, Outlook Express or other Unicode-compliant applications under Windows 95/98/ME, you can copy Esperanto Unicode text from Word or WordPad and paste it into them.

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I believe this package to be safe but it is entirely your risk to download and use it.  You can freely use and distribute it provided that you also pass along its documentation.

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Double-click esperuni.kmx after you have installed Keyman.

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© Gyula Zsigri [Home] June 28, 2001