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Tested Encodings

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Tested Encodings
Unicode UTF-8

You can read all of the several hundred languages of the Basic Multilingual Plane and write all the languages you have keyboard layouts or IMEs for.

UTF-16 Read-only.
Windows Single-Byte Codepages All fully supported.
Windows Double-Byte Codepages All fully supported.

1-10 and 13-16 are fully supported.
ISO-8859-11 is only decoded if it is manually set to Thai (TIS-620).

ISO-2022 and HZ

Simplified Chinese HZ and Japanese ISO-2022-JP are fully supported.  Korean ISO-2022-KR is read-only.

Extended Unix Code (EUC) Fully supported.

KOI8-R  (Russian)
KOI8-U  (Ukrainian but not Belarusian)

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