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Chinese National Standard

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CNS 11643-1992

A Taiwanese character set for scholars.  Its 48,711 characters, 48,027 of which are hanzi are contained in 7 planes, each of which is a 94x94 matrix.  Although its name stands for Chinese National Standard, CNS is a rarely used character set and even the few applications that support it only display the first two planes, whose hanzi are also found in Big5.

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Extended Unix Code for Traditional Chinese, an 8-bit encoding form of single-byte ASCII and multi-byte CNS 11643-1992.  It uses two code sets to encode CNS:

This is what each byte stands for in Code Set 2:

     1st = code set: 0x8E
     2nd = plane:    0xA1-0xA7
     3rd = row:      0xA1-0xFE
     4th = cell:     0xA1-0xFE

If you are using Mozilla, Netscape or Opera then you can decode the text in the right column by selecting Chinese Traditional (EUC-TW) in View : Character Coding, or View : Encoding.  Click here if you cannot.

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PDF Charts

Visit the Information Technology Standards Commission of Japan to view all the characters of CNS in seven PDF files

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