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Syllables are analyzed into onsets, glides and rhymes.

Onsets (initial consonants):

Zhi, chi, shi, ri and zi, ci, si are written without the i.

Glides (i, u, ü):

The symbol for i/y should be vertical in horizontal writing and horizontal in vertical writing.

Ju, qu and xu are spelt as they are pronounced:


Glide + Rhyme Combinations
These are the combinations that you may not expect:



Tone 1 is unmarked: press the space bar for tone 1 in the Zhuyin input method.  The marks for tones 2-4 are placed after the syllable: zhu4yin1.  The dot for tone 5 is placed before unstressed syllables.

Source of information

Kaden, Klaus. 1975. Die wichtigsten Transkriptionsysteme für die chinesische Sprache. VEB Verlag Enzyklopädie Leipzig.

© Gyula Zsigri

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August 7, 2000