TrueType font for Windows and the Macintosh with French, Italian, Spanish, German, Swiss and Tarot suitmarks, several joker indices and other card games or playing cards related dingbats.

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Hearts and diamonds are openface by default to contrast with black suitmarks in monochrome print, but filled variants are also provided.

Version History

2.1installable embedding allowed 10-07-2001
2.0added more kerning pairs 16-11-1999
1.99 added four more glyphs29-06-1999
1.0initial release18-03-1998


You can freely use and distribute this font but you are not allowed to restrict the rights of others to freely use and distribute it.

I believe the font and its documentation to be safe but it is entirely your risk to download and use the packages.


If you have any comment, need help, or just want to present me with a publication in which you used the font, drop me a line.


The files are compressed.  You need a decompression utility to open them.

cardsttf.zipfor Windows (35 kB)
cardsttf.hqxfor the Macintosh (56 kB)


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