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French Suits
c c club C C club decorative
d d diamond D D diamond decorative
h h heart H H heart decorative
s s spade S S spade decorative
j j joker J J joker circled
k k joker openface K K joker circled openface
m m smiley joker M M smiley
1 1 heart filled 3 3 heart decorative filled
2 2 diamond filled 4 4 diamond decorative filled
German Suits
a a acorn A A acorn variant
b b bell      
g g German heart G G heart variant
l l leaf L L vine-leaf
      U U Hungarian alsó (under)
Swiss Suits
a a acorn      
b b bell B B banner
e e escutcheon      
r r rose      
Latin Suits
i i Spanish club I I North Italian baton
o o coin O O coin decorative
p p occultists' pentacle      
v v Spanish cup V V North Italian cup
u u cup neutral      
t t sword      
5 5 clockwise 6 6 counter-clockwise
7 7 to the left 8 8 to the right
z z up Z Z down

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